Womens Self-Defense/Combatives

This 3-hour course will give you the ability to stun and disable an attacker if you find yourself in a critical situation. The popularity of MMA combined with the fact that many attacks result in going to the ground means that every self-defense practitioner should have the skills to mitigate and escape from these situations. Basic ground fighting and striking skills are taught along with the use of pepper-spray and the Kubotan keychain.


Edged Weapon  Training


This 1-day course will teach you how to properly use your folding knife to defend yourself or a loved one.  Lectures include: the Color Code of Mental Awareness, how to avoid a potential fight, and the proper and justifiable use of force. Other exercises  include: Verbal challenges, evasive movement, deploying your knife, striking and alternative knife techniques, Using your knife as a retention tool, Defenses against threats and attacks from an armed assailant and choosing a knife.