First Shots

The goal of First Shots is to teach participants firearms safety along with the basic fundamentals of shooting and handgun. This is an entry-level course and is appropriate for new shooters as well as those who may not have been to the range in a while.

Class Length: 4 hours.

Prerequisite Class: None required.



Fundamental Concealed Carry

Live fire drills include Loading and Unloading, Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, and Trigger Control; Presentation from Ready and Holster; Target Engagement out to 15 yards; Malfunction Clearing; Speed and Tactical Reloading. Training in the Use of Deadly Force and the Law; Color Code of Mental Awareness; ammunition choice and Civil Liability.

Class Length: 6 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Recommended: First Shots/Next Shots and/or NRA Basic Pistol.

Intermediate/Advanced Concealed Carry

This 1-day class offer additional shooting techniques as well as exposure to individual tactics. Drills include Close-Contact, response to threats right/left/rear, supported/un-supported kneeling, rollover prone, moving and shooting, using cover and concealment, and one-hander operation. In addition you will receive a tactics lecture and dry-fire practice drills.

Class Length: 6 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Recommended: Defensive Pistol Level 1 or equivalent.

Fundamental Practical Rifle/Carbine

Upon completion of this 1-day class you will have the ability to quickly make hits from a variety of shooting positions at ranges out to 100+ yards. Weapon and Ammunition Selection; Ballistics; Zeroing, Sight Adjustments, Hold Over; Loading and Unloading; Carrying Positions; Ready Positions; Rapid Assumption of Kneeling and Prone positions.

Class Length: 6-7 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Concealed Carry recommended.

Chaos Combativze

The firearm is not the solution to every confrontation, even if deadly force is justified. When your confines are arms length, drawing a gun may result in the attacker using it against you. When confronted at this distance, simple and effective techniques are key. Aggressive disengagement and creating space to utilize a firearm is preferred. This course will introduce very and effective techniques empty-hand and shooting techniques for close quarter use. 

Class Length: 7-8 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Concealed Carry or equivalent.

Intermediate Practical Rifle/Carbine

In this 1-day class emphasis is on urban environment improvised position shooting, support-side shooting, weapon transition to a handgun, low-light, live-fire scenarios, shooting moving targets, shooting on the move, shooting multiple targets, precision hostage-rescue shooting and more. 

Class Length: 7 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Carbine course. Recommended: Defensive Pistol Level 1.

Fundamental Practical Shotgun

This 1-day entry-level course provides you with a fundamental understanding of the tactical. Topics Include: engagement zones; weapon and ammunition selection; tactics; loading and unloading; firing stance; carry positions; patterning; offhand, kneeling; target engagement from 7-25 yards; multiple targets; tactical reloading; select slug drill; malfunction clearing; and more. 

Class Length: 7 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Concealed Carry or equivalent.

Integrated Practical Shotgun

In this 1-day class emphasis is on improvised position shooting, support-side shooting, weapon transition to a handgun, low-light, moving targets, shooting on the move, shooting multiple targets and precision hostage-rescue shooting. 

Class Length: 7 hours.

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Practical Shotgun Level 1. Recommended: Fundamental Concealed Carry

Precision Rifle Level 1

A 1-day course for those students who want to learn the basic skills required to make precision first round hits out to 100+ meters. Course contains emphasis on marksmanship, position shooting, range and wind estimation, dialing proper scope adjustments and use of log book.

Class Length: 

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Practical Carbine  recommended.

Precision Rifle Level 2

In this 1-day class a review of Precision Rifle Level 1 topics with the addition of reading mirage, hold-over estimation, proper scope adjustments, use of a log book and ballistic cards, and two man (spotter/shooter) teams. 

Class Length:

Prerequisite Class(s): Precision Rifle Level 1

Scout/Utility Rifle

This class will focus on the bolt action (Scout style) rifle and its use as a defensive option. Long eye relief optics, sling configurations, rapid loading and follow-up shots  and shooting from field positions will all be covered. This is a good class for hunter's wanting to tune up their field skills.

Class Length:

Prerequisite Class(s): Fundamental Practical Carbine recommended.