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Here’s a couple things that have been on my mind …..


I had a former seminar student call the other day and she said she thought she had a stalker. The Police were notified and report was taken. After discussing the particulars, I offered her the following advice.

  • Remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and notify the police immediately rather than engage on your own.

  • Recommend purchase and carry a small Pepper Spray canister.

  • Begin altering your daily commute/routine somewhat.

I also advised the following for home security (most cost next to nothing yet offer significant security advantages).

  • Lock exterior doors – keep them locked even when you are inside.

  • Change locks as necessary – If there is any doubt that someone may have a key, change the lock(s). This is cheap insurance.

  • Secure your door with a brace – If possible. Deadbolt locks are also good additions.

  • Don’t open your door to just anyone – Should go without saying.

  • Reinforce door jamb and hinges – There are kits available, but replacing the short 1” screws generally used to secure hinges and slam plates on doors with 3” screws lends a great deal of strength to the door and lock

  • Keep your garage door closed and locked – We forget this too often.

  • Lock inside connecting garage door – See above.

  • Keep the yard clean – Messy yards mean that the residents don’t care.

  • Use motion activated security lighting – Again cheap insurance.


  • Monitor doors with a ‘smart’ video doorbell – These are also cheap and can be activated via cell phone apps.

  • Install a security camera – See above.

My student obtained her Concealed Weapons License this week; she and her husband will be taking classes soon. Changes can be difficult, but she felt there was/is a threat, so it is best to take it seriously. Never doubt your instincts.


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