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But I Have a Gun!

Many years ago, when I was still actively fighting in karate tournaments and the full-contact karate arena, I was working as an aircraft electrician. When our shift was over, we would all line up at the time clock and chat before it was time to go home. One afternoon, I was talking with some co-workers about where I was fighting that weekend when one of the supervisors walked by and said something to the effect of, “I ain’t worried about all the ‘kuraty’ stuff, I’ll just shoot you.” There were a few chuckles and I replied, “So, where is your gun right now?” “In my truck, right out in the parking lot.” Hmmm … “How you going to get there?” “What ’cha mean?” “Well, after I break your knee, it’s gonna be tough to walk.” All the other folks in line thought it was hilarious and began laughing as the supervisor walked away grumbling, no longer the ‘Alpha Male’. I wasn’t trying to be antagonistic; I was merely pointing out a fact, and trying to educate – Why would I let him get to his gun? He was obviously adhering to what I call the “Hammer Theory” meaning, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It takes more than just a hammer to build a house. So, too, it takes more than just a gun to defend yourself. Do you have to be a “6th degree, monkey-ninja black belt”? No. Should you have some other options – including empty hand skills – to defend yourself? Yes. Some common misperceptions about self-defense that I hear All. The. Time- · “I don’t need any of the ‘jiu jitsu stuff’, I’ve got a gun.” - If you must shoot, you may have to fight your way to your gun first. · “All you have to do is kick them in the groin or hit them in the nose and drive the bone into the brain.” - One isn’t reliable and the other is impossible. Today, we are living in interesting times. Just watching/reading the news, you can see that we are in a different environment where anything can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere. Because of the potential situations we can find ourselves in, many individuals are buying guns. In doing so, they believe that merely having the gun makes them ‘protected’. Here is something to ponder: · “If he does ‘X’, I’ll just shoot him!” - PRISON

("Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200"). In reality, what most likely will happen is they are then faced with a situation that is probably better served with the use of some good verbal jiu jitsu (de-escalation) but, they pull a gun, and possibly shoot, instead. Not a good outcome (see the previous paragraph). My recommendation is to spend a few valuable dollars, seek out some good empty-hand skill training and then practice regularly. Learn how to use other less-lethal options and carry them daily. The more you do to prepare for the worst-case scenario, the less likely you’ll be caught unaware and unprepared. Stay Safe!

Be Safe · Be Effective · Be Ready


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