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Specialty Training

first aid, trauma

TACMED/First Aid

This 5-part seminar series focuses on the 'non-tactical' individual who feels the need to increase their emergency medical skills. Not all people carry firearms for self-protection but everyone should have the skills and equipment necessary to treat life threatening injuries that could be sustained in a motor vehicle accident or other critical event. The seminar will range from 1-1.5 hours in length and will culminate in an overall assessment during the last session.

Counter Car-Jacking

The 1-day Counter Car-Jacking course is an intensive program which includes shooting from in and around vehicles, practical driving, and shooting exercises both on and off the range.   

Certified EVOC Instructors will teach the driving portion of the class.

defensive, counter car jacking

Women's Self Defense/ Combatives

This 3-hour course will give you the ability to stun and disable an attacker if you find yourself in a critical situation. The popularity of MMA combined with the fact that many attacks result in going to the ground means that every self-defense practitioner should have the skills to mitigate and escape from these situations. Basic ground fighting and striking skills are taught along with the use of pepper-spray and the Kubotan keychain.

Womens self defense, combat
combat, use of force, concealed carry

Use of Force/Force on Force

The need to know the rules of Use of Force if you carry a concealed weapon is critical. In addition, the force-on-force and discretionary live fire range drills cement these rules and make them part of your arsenal. In this 1-day course participants will learn about the laws as they pertain to concealed weapons carry.

home safety, defense, break-in self-protection

Home Safety and Defense

A 1-day class designed for individuals and/or spousal teams that want to know the most effective and efficient ways to protect their home and family. Discussions include use-of-force, 'Castle Doctrine', room clearing and Force-on-Force scenarios; cover, concealment; safe-room set-up and much more.

Edged Weapons Awareness

This 1-day course will teach you how to properly use your folding knife to defend yourself or a loved one.  Lectures include: the Color Code of Mental Awareness, how to avoid a potential fight, and the proper and justifiable use of force. Other exercises  include: Verbal challenges, evasive movement, deploying your knife, striking and alternative knife techniques, Using your knife as a retention tool, Defenses against threats and attacks from an armed assailant and choosing a knife.

Self Defense Practice, defensive knife
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