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with G-TAC

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GTAC courses encompass three basic subject areas. Depending on the course you choose, it will be taught in accordance with the standards of the National Rifle Association, Georgia Peace Officers Standards Training (GA P.O.S.T.) or it may be a course specifically developed by GTAC to fit the needs and interests of our students/clients. GTAC will give you the best training value for your dollar.

defensive, women's defensive, combatives courses, combatives training

All courses generally require pre-registration to attend so  we can maintain the proper Instructor-to-Student ratio which ensures the proper safety and quality of instruction expected of our cadre.


Our course costs are substantially lower than the industry standard.  That is not to say our classes are 'cheap'.  You get value for your dollar.

car, defensive driving, specialty defensive courses

The quality of instruction and material is equal to the more well known schools, we just don’t feel it is necessary to make our students pay a premium for this information. 


Because we maintain our own facility, we can conduct a wide variety of classes and insure we meet the expectations of our students.

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