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Guns are Stupid

I have to rant for a minute.

Again, I heard talk about enacting even more laws in an attempt to curb ‘gun violence’. To use a phrase from Susan Powter, “Stop the Insanity!” I have grown weary of the same stale platitudes and rhetoric being spewed by bloviating politicians and anti-gunners attempting to scare the hand-wringers into supporting their argument.

Given the numerous riots and attacks over the past year, I find it curiously odd that:

· There is no mention of ‘automobile violence’ when a madman runs over dozens of people at a parade!

· No discussion about ‘crowbar/hammer/baseball bat violence’ when someone is beaten to death with aforementioned crowbar/hammer/bat.

· No speeches about ‘knife violence’ when someone is stabbed, cut, butchered, and killed.

· No outcry about ‘crowd violence’ when rioters murder and injure others and burn down buildings.

· No mention of ‘fork/spoon/food violence’ when tens of thousands of people die from heart disease every year directly attributed to obesity.

Why is that?

Some say it’s not the same. Why is that? Guns, like all the things listed above, are STUPID! They don’t/can’t think for themselves. They have no evil intent. They merely interact through human input and do what they’re told to do. No more. No less.

Some might say it’s the media. Others might say it’s a political agenda. Maybe a little of both. Maybe something else. While there are some educated individuals trying to push the anti-gun agenda, ‘low information’ individuals seem to be the most vociferous and that is sad as they don’t get, nor seek, the full picture. They take the easy route, quote numbers out of context, and listen intensely to the talking heads and anti-gun politicians who blame guns for the violence.

Here's the truth. Violence comes from intent in the heart and mind of the evil individual. There is a reason they use the terms ‘malice afore thought’ and ‘premeditated murder’. Both denote an intent on the perpetrator to kill or do great bodily harm to the victims.

Violence is violence. Period. Change my mind.

I have seen the violence humans can visit on each other. I’ve seen people stab each other over a chicken leg. I’ve seen people kill each other over some perceived affront. Domestic violence is a whole different discussion – “I love him/her, but I’ll kill him/her if …”, you get the idea. The problem here is not guns/knives/cars/bats. It is people and the impact society has on the way we interact with each other. There are dozens of considerations as the reason for violence, but that isn’t the purpose of this commentary.

Guns in unlocked cars (this is stupid at any level), opposing constitutional carry, destruction of confiscated guns, and additional unnecessary gun laws have no significant impact on violence much less ‘gun violence’. They are all merely ‘feel good’ measures to make the public believe something is being done. As my mother used to say, “It’s all bologna!”

In addition, the recidivist friendly judicial systems, guided by left wing district attorneys, that cut miscreants loose on the public to commit more unspeakable crimes, are becoming commonplace. It has nothing to do with guns. It has to do with the evil in a criminal's heart and the knowledge that the justice system (supposedly in place to protect the innocent), will bend over backwards to set criminals free instead - to once again prey on the innocent.

In sum I’ll say that most folks look for the ‘boogie man’ to blame for all the things that go wrong. They tend to glom onto the loudest voice or the most current argument without truly examining the problem. The problem is not guns. The problem is evil people. Limiting access to guns will only exacerbate the problem by making it more difficult for honest people to defend themselves.

Be Safe · Be Effective · Be Ready


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