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Holiday Home Security

Here are some Holiday Home Safety Tips from well-known author Grant Cunningham:

· With expensive gifts being given and received, a home invasion robbery is something you’ll want to protect against.

· As always, keep your outside lighting on and your doors locked, just as you do the rest of the year. I know it’s tempting to leave the door only latched in case guests arrive, but keep that deadbolt fastened as well.

· Keep your drapes closed so others can’t observe your activities. It’s common to want others to see your wonderfully decorated tree but remember that it might attract the wrong kinds of visitors.

· If you’re in the habit of carrying a defensive handgun, do so around the house. Frankly, this is a perfect use for those ugly Christmas sweaters — you’d be surprised how well they conceal even a bulky handgun!

· If you don’t have a way to carry a defensive handgun, you might consider moving your home-defense firearm from the bedroom to a more accessible location closer to where you’ll be gathered. You still need to keep it out of the reach of children and unauthorized users, of course, so keep that in mind.

· This is also a good time to go over your intruder alert plans with your family; how you get to the safe room and what you do when you get there ,etc.

· Remember that a knock at the door or a ringing of the doorbell might not be Christmas carolers. Verify who’s there before you unlock that deadbolt. It might not be your brother-in-law!

· Finally, this is a difficult topic but one that’s important to talk about. Many crimes have been perpetrated by people the victims knew in some way, and that doesn’t always mean friends. Think about the people you’re inviting into your home. We all have “that” member of the family - You may love them, but your family’s safety must come first. If you’re at all uneasy with anyone’s spouse/significant other/friend of-the-week, don’t invite them behind your locked doors.



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