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Holiday Self Defense Gifts

· None of us have perfect home or personal defense plans, but the person who is truly concerned for the safety of their home and family will always be working on their plans, identifying and reducing their risk piece by piece.

· This might be the time to give gifts to help your family members stay safe. Everyone should have a good, high-intensity flashlight and carry it wherever they go. If your kids (or your spouse) don’t yet have one, they make great stocking stuffers! A gift of training, such as self-defense books or a gift card for a class, will go a long way to helping family members stay safe. I’m not talking just shooting either, GTAC has plenty of resources on unarmed defense, travel safety, home security, and more that will help make everyone safer.

· Don’t forget a gift certificate to a good self-defense class, and especially to a good trauma first-aid course. If you don’t yet have a portable trauma kit to carry with you every day, those also make great stocking stuffers!

· Finally, make a resolution that in the coming year, you and your family will work together to become safer. Make plans, test those plans, implement these holiday security tips appropriately, and buy whatever gear and educational resources you need to achieve that goal. Safety and security aren’t just for the holidays, but they are most assuredly gifts that keep on giving!



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