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What's Going On!!

What is Going on?

Leafing through the newspaper, surfing the net and watching the TV news over the past couple of weeks in Savannah, I’ve seen the following:

  • Several shootings

  • Two stabbings

  • Two car-jackings

  • Armed robbery

  • The sexual assault of a young girl

  • And a video of an assault in a nail salon!

What the hell is going on???

Some of these incidents may be attributed to the criminal cohort fighting with each other while others are not. However, several of these incidents should be grabbing the attention of every reasonable citizen. Why? One reason is the locations where these incidents occurred. If we look back only a few months, we can certainly see that it can happen anywhere and everything from a knife to a car was used to commit these attacks:

  • San Bernardino, CA – Office party

  • Orlando, FL – Night club

  • Roanoke, VA – Apartment complex

  • Columbus, OH – Restaurant

  • St. Cloud, MN – Mall

  • Bristol, TN – Motel

  • Columbus , OH; Ohio State University – School

Ask yourself, when you go through your daily commute or during you normal day-to-day activities, do you go to or by similar locations? Yes? What does that mean? It means no place is truly safe and the need to be prepared is becoming more essential. It can even happen at home (

How can you realistically prepare for these types of incidents? It’s not difficult but, there are a number of approaches you can use depending on your wants or needs. There are also several questions you should ask yourself but primarily you should ask, are you willing to do what is necessary to protect yourself and our family? If that answer is yes, you can then take the first steps toward some peace of mind.

What kind of training and equipment should you consider initially? Depending on your level of exposure or experience, we recommended the following classes:

  • First Shots – Entry level firearms safety and marksmanship course. This is a class that’s good for the whole family or a group of friends to take together. Basic marksmanship skills, safety, function and more is taught.

  • Fundamental Concealed Carry – A basic course on the fundamentals needed to effectively carry a concealed weapon on a daily basis. While this is called a fundamental class, there are many skills and information imparted that are extremely valuable.

  • Home Defense – A seminar based program that discusses the necessary precautions, strategies and tactics needed to protect your family.

  • Immediate Responder Essential Trauma Care – Goes beyond basic first aid/CPR. In this class you will learn how to treat the immediate threat of massive bleeding and shock and other potential life-saving procedures.

In regard to equipment, there is one thing that you must consider – don’t go cheap!! The gear you’ll be purchasing will be used to potential save your life or the life of a loved one. You wouldn’t want a doctor operating on you with cheap equipment, would you? On the other hand, you don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff either. Our recommendations include:

  • Gun – Any modern polymer, striker fired pistol I at least a 9mm caliber.

  • Holster – One that secures the gun and allows quick access. Kydex, polymer or leather are all good.

  • Belt – Often forgotten. This has to securely hold your holster in place and not sag.

  • Ammunition – All major ammo manufacturers make a self-defense round and they are all good.

  • First Aid – RECKit© ( has an excellent, small, well equipped kit that will serve you well in an emergency.

With the state of the world and specifically our own community, we need to be prepared and equipped to respond to those critical situations we may find ourselves in. With the approach of a new year, there is always the hope of positive change in our lives. Nothing could be more positive than learning those skills that could be lifesavers.



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