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Why We Go Armed

Niccolo Machiavelli is credited in “The Prince” with saying;

“Prima di ogni altra cosa, siate armati” (Before all else, be armed.)

I have to agree with Mr. M, especially after reading this article: (Click HERE to read). Picture this – You are sitting at a restaurant eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner (pick one) with your family. Suddenly, you hear a commotion near the register. You see two men - one holding a gun and the other a club – menacing everyone and telling them to get on the floor and relieving them of their valuables. Then, as they were apparently leaving, the one with the gun shoots a compliant patron. What’s your move?

There are several talking points here (compliance, be the ‘gray man’, be a good witness, don’t get involved, don’t provoke, etc.) but, for the sake of this discussion, lets focus on having/not having a gun with you.

This may oversimplify things but, if you are planning to be in a gunfight, the most important thing is to have a gun. Notwithstanding all the other concerns (permits, laws, etc.), wherever and whenever you can carry a gun, you should. Why? Because not having one significantly limits your options in a lethal, or potentially lethal, confrontation (see above).

Some may question my logic here but, after all, we have insurance on our home, car, life, right? We have smoke alarms, right? We all have a spare tire and seat belts in our vehicle, right? We have fire extinguishers, right? Why? Because we are planning on having a flat tire, a fire or an accident? No. We have them IN CASE we have a flat tire, etc. We don’t plan on having a flat tire but, sometimes “Murphy” shows up.

Same thing with carrying a firearm. I have been carrying for almost forty years (both as an LEO and civilian) and I have never had to shoot at anyone. But, I have, on many occasions, had to draw and maintain some type of cover or concealment until the situation was resolved. Had I not had a gun; things may have turned out very differently.

Like many legally armed individuals, I prefer to have as many options available as possible in the face of a critical situation. Verbal de-escalation, pepper spray, Kubotan©/Munio©, edged weapons and firearms allow for more options and the chance of a much better outcome.

In addition to availability of these options I can’t stress enough the need for training. Good training, consistent training, effective training. Training by individuals who understand real life, and real situations, and who offer a variety of methods to defend yourself and your family. Then practice, practice, practice, and continue to better yourself so that you will be ready.

Note from the director: This blog post was written before the Texas church shooting. This hurts my heart. The Texas shooting in conjunction with the attacks in New York make me sick. I want to be very clear: I am not trying to take advantage of a terrible situation. There is a need to expand our outreach to churches, places of business, and to the ‘unconsciously incompetent’. We MUST educate and train!!! Training is imperative. Training saves lives. If there is any doubt in your mind, search for the video from the church shooting and see what a well-trained individual can do in the face of evil.

We salute Jack Wilson, that well-trained individual, for his quick, effective actions.


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