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It CAN Happen to You!

Since January 1st, there have been countless murders that in all possibility could have been prevented IF the victims and/or ‘immediate responders’ had been armed and fought back. Of course, there are details we are not familiar with, but there are still decent, hardworking people dead! What if the outcome could have been different?

For example, one incident took place in a bank in Sebring, Florida. Five women were forced to lay on the floor and were then systematically shot in the head – execution style. If any one of the victims had fought back in any way, there may have been a different outcome. This situation is tragic and in no way am I second guessing the victims’ actions. However, I would be willing to bet none of the victims had ever had any training in self-defense or personal protection. What if?

Another example are the deaths that occurred in Gardnerville and Reno, Nevada. Two women were found dead in their homes, days apart in Gardnerville, and the bodies of a couple were discovered in their Reno home on January 16. Again, the details of the murders are not available but, one can speculate what occurred. What if?

No one can ever be sure how we will react in a critical situation but, I would reasonably think if the victims had known the eventual outcome, they would have taken steps to better prepare themselves to deal with these situations. What if?

Owning and using a firearm in self-defense is a personal choice and one that should not be taken casually and may not be for everyone. But the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones must be of utmost concern, especially in today’s world. A firearm is not always the answer, but each of us has the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm, and a firearm is a strong tool to have at our disposal if we are educated and skilled in its use. Yes, what if?!

Classes of all types are available from any number of vendors, and GTAC offers a variety of shooting and personal protection classes. These can be custom designed to fit your specific needs if necessary. Regardless of where you receive training, be sure it is effective, reliable, and backed with real world experience and knowledge. I would hope to have the chance to train you and your friends, family, and coworkers, but even if it’s not me or my company that trains you, I urge you to seek out training and education on self-defense and personal protection. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. It can happen to you.


Crime Scene Tape
This can happen to you.

For the shocking 2019 statistics (and it's only February), see this table:


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